Yellowjackets – Episode 7: No Compass

This episode is jam packed! The teenagers are still going buck wild, no pun intended. Nat and Travis are trying to bang, but Travis’s misogyny keeps killing his boner. Jackie is losing her mind that she doesn’t know every detail of Shauna’s life. Taissa has gone full G.I. Jane in preparation for her hike for help. Van has decided to join her so she can work out the kinks of her one woman show and is now sporting some cool bone jewelry thanks to Lottie. Oh hey, Javi’s here! Did you guys forget about him, too? He’s been busy working on his art. Meanwhile the adults are slowly self-destructing. Nat and Shauna are competing for worst woman in the world while Misty is working hard on her impression of Kathy Bates in Misery. And we are left wondering what exactly happened at Jessica’s first kidnapping.

– Tiffany and Kelly

– Song credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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