The Sinner Season 3 – Episode 4: Playing Chicken and Kyle the Mentalist

After his near commitment to the psych ward, Jamie heads into the city for little fun. Being a new dad is hard y’all. He ends up running into an old student who clearly still has a crush on the famous Mr. B and invites him to a party. Little does she know that Harry is hot on his heels and ready to be the awkward old dude in a suit at a college party. And just like every stereotypical college party, there’s a dude holding court about to play Wonderwall on his guitar…just kidding it’s Kyle the Mentalist! He’s reading people and Jamie’s aura is something out of a Stephen King novel. Jamie bolts, again, and challenges Harry to a game of car chicken before heading home for the night. Harry passes out in his car only to be awakened to the news that there’s been another murder.

– Tiffany (Rustler of Paper) and Kelly (Queen of Ya Know, Um, Like, Yeah)

Song Credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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