The Sinner Season 3 – Episode 3: Birthing Babies and Digging Holes

After his “friendly” visit to the old man in hospice, Jamie is experiencing a full existential crisis (attempted murder will do that to you), and Leela is over his shit. Harry and Sonya grow closer as she shows him all the paintings of random naked men she’s completed. When Harry finally decides to do some real detective work, he discovers some crazy stuff in Jamie’s past, i.e. a slight Neitzsche fetish. Present day Jamie is doing his darndest to psychologically damage Recommendation Letter Emma while Leela gives birth. Jamie takes to fatherhood immediately and like every new dad fantasizes about murdering the baby. Jamie finally decides he needs mental help and reaches out to a medical professional….oops I mean, the detective investigating him for murder. Once at the psych ward, Jamie quickly realizes he can’t cuff the bottom of a hospital gown and runs away into the night.

– Tiffany and Kelly

Song Credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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