The Sinner Season 3 – Episode 1: A Blast from the Past and an Old Fart

Jamie Burns has the perfect life. He’s the popular, good looking, history teacher at an all girls private school who struts around campus in cuffed jeans and a messenger bag. His smoking hot wife Leela, a successful essential oil entrepreneur is pregnant with their first child. Things are great, until a man from Jamie’s past pays him a surprise visit. Suddenly, Jamie’s being investigated for murder and the life he knew has been turned upside down. Don’t worry though, resident cantankerous, all knowing, and a little too involved, detective Harry Ambrose is on the case. And as we are aware from seasons past, Harry has some secrets of his own. Will he be able to puzzle out the enigma that is Jamie Burns? Will Jamie offer Harry instruction in proper jean cuffing? Let’s find out together.

– Tiffany and Kelly

Song Credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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