Midnight Mass – Book I: Genesis

We are finally back from our extended hiatus and diving headfirst into Midnight Mass. Washed-up venture capitalist Riley Flynn is here, and he’s not having a great time. He is fresh out of prison, has to move back to the super racist/uber religious Crockett Island with his parents, and is suffering from some pretty gnarly PTSD. Midnight Mass is your classic run-of-the-mill horror story complete with freaky, winged creatures, the tormenting of local cats, a new priest at church, and everyone in town covered in terrible prosthetics and make-up to try and make them look super old. It’s truly terrifying. The make-up, that is. Come join us as we try to figure out this Benjamin Button Baloney.

– Tiffany and Kelly

– Song credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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