Echoes – Episode 2: Birthday

We kick this episode off in style with some sisterly rubbing of their naked bodies. That’s totally normal, right? Leni is fresh out of the woods with a head injury and hypothermia, but that doesn’t stop Jack from insisting she does school drop off. She is also doing her best Mrs. Doubtfire costume changes and throwing of her voice to play herself and Gina. But Sheriff Columbo has seen the movie and is on to her game. Also, her family is very observant and notice when Leni’s hair or earrings are different but couldn’t tell that affairs and drug deals were happening in their backyard? We get some flashbacks to the twins as teens and a young shirtless Jack. Is it too creepy to request some current day Bohmer shirtless scenes? Yes? No? Either way, we are here for it.

– Tiffany and Kelly

– Song credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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