Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 4: Springing a Leak

Past Megan has had it with her good girl reputation and wants to be baaaaad, so she does the most logical thing possible and hacks into the DMV to make some fake IDs. Meanwhile in the winter time, Debbie’s house is crumbling around her ears so she packs up the girls and heads to the Chambers’ house for a sleepover…with the kid who made a sex tape of her daughter without her consent. As you might imagine, things get really awkward really fast. Megan is feeling super jealous of Luke and Isabella’s lack of poverty and the fact that they used to bang. In the future, the sheriff is obsessed with the note Luke supposedly wrote saying he was running away to the North Pole. Or something, we don’t know. We stopped caring about Luke a long time ago.

– Tiffany and Kelly

– Song credit – Scott Holmes – “Hotshot”

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